Our Best Car Maintenance Tips

maintaining your car

Maintenance is something that needs to be considered by anyone that owns a vehicle. You can’t afford to neglect your car. With the right car maintenance tips, you’ll be able to keep your vehicle in excellent condition for longer. Stick to these suggestions if you want your car to run reliably.

Ensure That Your Tyres Are Properly Inflated

It’s natural for tyres to lose air over time. That’s why you’ll want to check on your tyres from time to time. If you notice that your tyres are starting to get low, you’ll want to inflate them before you do any serious driving. Make sure your wheels are properly aligned. If you have alloy wheels then you can have individual wheels repaired and refurbished.

If your tyres are in particularly poor condition, they’ll have to be replaced entirely. However, in many cases, simply adding a bit of air to your tyres will be enough to get them into great shape. Check on your tyres before a long drive so that you can see if you need to add more air.

Clean Your Vehicle Regularly

A clean car doesn’t just look better. When your vehicle is dirty, it’s more likely to become damaged. Regular interior and exterior cleanings are an important part of car maintenance. Ideally, you should be cleaning your vehicle at least once each month.

Regular cleanings will keep your vehicle looking great, and they can also wind up extending the lifespan of your car. Cleaning your car may not feel essential, but it isn’t something that you’ll want to put off. Instead, you should stick to your schedule and make sure you don’t forget about car cleanings.

Regularly Change Your Oil and Filter

Another essential maintenance task that’s easy to forget about is an oil change. You can learn how to change your oil and filter on your own, but you can also pay a garage to handle this task for you. No matter what you decide, you’ll want to make sure you do this regularly.

Oil and filter changes aren’t expensive, and they can help to keep your car in good condition. Like with cleanings, this is something that you may want to schedule. When your vehicle’s oil is changed, mark it on your calendar. From there, schedule a date for a future oil change.

Watch Out For Problems

It’s important to keep a watchful eye on your car so that you can catch and address problems early on. Minor issues, such as rust, can become major problems if you ignore them for too long.

We’re often in a hurry when we get into the car, which means we don’t notice these kinds of problems. Take the time to inspect your vehicle from time to time. If you spot a problem, you’ll want to take care of it sooner rather than later.

Drive Sensibly

Simply being cautious when you’re driving is another way to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. There’s no reason for you to accelerate quickly, and there’s no good reason to ignore driving rules. Being cautious can help you to avoid accidents, and it can prevent other types of damage to your car as well.

Even if you’re in a hurry, it’s best to be sensible, alert, and cautious when you’re on the road. Being sensible doesn’t require a lot of effort on your part, but it is an effective way for you to keep your vehicle in great shape.

These car maintenance tips are simple, but they can still help you to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. If you own a car, and you have concerns about upkeep, you’ll want to keep this advice at the forefront of your mind. Make sure that your car will continue to drive reliably for many years to come.…

How To Find A Good Car Body Shop Near You

Estimates can vary considerably from one body shop to another. While the first shop that you get an estimate from might quote you £500, another might want £2000 for the same repairs.

Why the difference you may ask? When is it acceptable to choose to go with the less expensive shop?

This article helps you make the right decision when deciding which shop to go with for your car repairs.

Check Reviews

In the digital age, you can find reviews for any type of business on the internet, including body shops, such as from sites as Trust PilotYelp and yellow pages.

Check reviews to get a sense of how customers feel about the service they’ve received. Also check with your friends, relatives and acquaintances for their opinions.

Sometimes a small shop might have the best reputation because the owner has a personal stake in customer satisfaction.

Consider Location and Overhead Costs

The larger the body shop, the more upfront overhead costs. These often lead to higher rates to pay the salaries of more front-office staff.

Although the service provided by the car dealer body shops, with their managers, supervisors, and front-desk staff may instil a sense of confidence in a business, estimates are often padded with non-essential costs. When you’re getting charged more for labour hours, your bill grows substantially.

On the other hand, high-end shops could charge for everything needed to repair the damage.

Several Estimates Are Better Than One

The best protection that you have from being overcharged is to obtain quotes from a number of car body repair shops. However, despite your desire to avoid paying high prices, you shouldn’t always automatically take the lowest bid.

The risk is that the lowest bid may have come from a fly-by-night guy who will cut corners in order to quote low just to get the work. Hiring someone like this could lead to significant problems down the road.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

You are the customer, and as such, it is up to the company to earn your business.

There are some key questions that you should have answers for before hiring a body shop. Such as, is the shop’s work covered by a written warranty? For what time frame is coverage provided? What does the quote cover?

Never accept less than a years warranty. Most body shops offer a 2 year warranties for their body work and 3 year warranties on the paint job.

Some even offer lifetime warranties as a selling point, but they aren’t realistic due to stipulations or conditions receiving warranty service which effectively renders the warranty useless.

Also, find out if the shop carries fire and theft insurance. You’ll want to make sure that you’re covered if something happens and your car is stolen or destroyed.

Also find out how long the shop has been in business, and whether or not it has a license.

Finally, find out what materials that shop intends to use for your car repairs.

Are they new, or are they used? Are they original or aftermarket parts? New parts are always the best option, though in most cases used parts will work just fine too. However used parts don’t offer the savings that people assume they do.

Depending on the type of damage your vehicle has sustained, aftermarket parts can save you huge amounts of money, and most of the time they’re just as good as the parts that came from the original manufacturer.

If your vehicle needs to be painted, find out how many coats of paint and clear coat will be applied.

Trust Your Intuition

It’s very important that you trust your intuition about any car body repair shop that you’re considering.

If the shop seems to be lacking business, there is likely a good reason for it. If it’s particularly disorganised, cluttered, or messy, it might reflect the quality of the work that you’ll be receiving.

Does the shop owner or manager act professionally? Is he happy to answer your questions? If not, you’ll be happier going somewhere else where communication is valued and the owner is straightforward with his customers.

Good luck in your quest for a quality car repair at a competitive price.…

Rubber Washers: Why They Are So Important For A Solid Fixing

Rubber washers are extremely important for many different reasons.

As you consider the various ways they can be used and the different applications they can be used in, it’s important to understand exactly what they are.

To understand the basics of a rubber washer, well, they’re made of rubber and is similar to a typical metal washer in that it is flat and round. The most common use is between screws and nuts as they separate the metal parts and work to prevent unnecessary vibrations.

While rubber washers are used in the same type of applications as metal washers, choosing rubber over metal offers many more benefits, such as a tighter, more secure seal with longer life as rubber doesn’t rust like metal can if it comes into contact with moisture, such as in high humidity countries. They also provide silent operation in devices that vibrate a lot.…

Looking To Buy A New Car? We Can Help!


All large purchases are always intimidating, especially if you are uninformed about the industry. One of the scariest purchases is buying cars. Many people fear they are getting ripped off and you surely don’t want that. Avoid buying a lemon by looking through these great tips and tricks regarding car purchases.

Have some company escort you when shopping for a new car. Take a friend or a family member who will be able to advise you and encourage you to think carefully about the deals you are offered. They could be a parent, a friend, or a spouse.

Do not rule a car out because it is lacking certain features you want. For instance, if you do not like the sound system of the car, it can always be changed. It is hard to find a car that has everything exactly the way you want it; just keep an open mind and remember that you can make these changes once the car is yours!

When heading to a car dealership, get prepared for your bargaining side to come out. While there many be some dealers who have your best interest at heart, most just want to get as much money out of you as they can. This is why you have to be strict and never settle on a deal you are uncomfortable with.

Keep in mind that car salesmen have some monthly quotas to meet. They have to sell X number of cars monthly, and knowing this puts you in the proverbial driver’s seat. Salesman that haven’t made their expected numbers will just try to make another sale. You might get a better deal this way.…