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    It’s always scary and daunting making a big purchase, especially if you are not too familiar about what you’re buying. buying a car is certainly one of those purchases that you need to be careful as you hear many stories of people buying old cars that just need to be put on the scrapheap. This post provides a few tips and tricks that can help you avoid being ripped off when buying a car.

    key to your carAlways take someone with you when you’re looking at cars as they can help to advise on the best action and take away any emotional thoughts that you may have.

    Just because a car doesn’t have some of the features that you want, don’t rule it out. If the car is mechanically sound and has a good bodywork, this is more important than a car with a great sound system.

    If you are purchasing from a car dealership, be prepared on how much you are happy to pay, also be prepared to do some bartering, some wheeler dealing, in order to get the best price. There are many dealers out there that are fair, but there are some that just want to make the commission.