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  • Rubber Washers: Why They Are So Important For A Solid Fixing

    Assorted Rubber WashersRubber washers are extremely important for many different reasons.

    As you consider the various ways they can be used and the different applications they can be used in, it's important to understand exactly what they are.

    To understand the basics of a rubber washer, well, they're made of rubber and is similar to a typical metal washer in that it is flat and round. The most common use is between screws and nuts as they separate the metal parts and work to prevent unnecessary vibrations.

    While rubber washers are used in the same type of applications as metal washers, choosing rubber over metal offers many more benefits, such as a tighter, more secure seal with longer life as rubber doesn't rust like metal can if it comes into contact with moisture, such as in high humidity countries. They also provide silent operation in devices that vibrate a lot.

    Why Choosing Rubber Washers Is A Must For Certain Applications

    Flexibility - Rubber washers are very flexible, which allows them to create a tight seal. This enables rubber washers to be able to work particularly well in boats and plumbing systems to help prevent leaks and any water ingress.